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Originally from the Napa Valley area, I have grown up appreciating nature, being active & finding meaning in the space that surrounds me. I studied business in college at Cal Poly SLO & landed myself a job in San Francisco shortly after graduating, which is where I have been ever since.

I currently work at a tech start-up where I enjoy the creative solutions-driven approach to changing the way consumers experience e-commerce companies and their products. It makes sense that working in this space I took the initiative to build out my own e-commerce brand where I am able to combine my creative thinking, artistic talents & business mindset and bring a beautiful concept to life, Muds Ceramics.

As many around me can relate, the hustle & bustle of city-living can be overwhelming at times & it took me until 2018 until I found something I was passionate about to fill my time & my heart. I took my first pottery class that spring at Clay By the Bay and immediately fell in love. I remember my instructor asking us on the first day of class to introduce ourselves and share our name, where we are from, our experience with clay, and why we decided to take the class.

Hi, I’m Maddy and I grew up in Napa Valley. I have never touched clay before & I signed up for this class so I can learn how to make ceramic homes for all my plants.

Let it be known that I was the only person in that class that had not experienced ceramics in high school or college. I wrapped up that 6-week course with 4 pieces that were recognizable bowl-shapes, which was a lot more than many of my classmates could say. Clay quickly became my creative outlet & I continue to get so much joy out of friends & family interested in owning pieces that I have made. I went on to take 3 more classes that year before I signed up to become a member at Clay By the Bay. After nearly 9 months, I, along with many of my household plants, have found my home in San Francisco where I can express myself creatively & create one-of-a-kind pieces to share with like-minded individuals.

While many know me as Maddy, my friends call me Muds, a nickname that predates any of my experience with clay. I chose the name Muds Ceramics for a few reasons. The first, more obvious reason being that mud is defined as a slimy sticky mixture of solid material with a liquid, especially water. Clay being a specific type of mud seemed a fitting place to start in creating my ceramics brand. Muds, as a nickname, symbolizes years of laughter, experiences, support, and friendship in my life. It defines the person I have become because of the influence of my surroundings & embodies exactly what I want to share with the world in the form of permanent ceramic pieces.

Muds Ceramics was born with the idea of giving succulents their forever home & has evolved into a plant-focused, yet versatile venture where city dwellers are presented with handmade goods that will allow them to bring the outside in. The earthy textures & tones of these pieces have been designed with nature & plant enthusiasts in mind & it is an honor to have them brighten your home.

Friends of Muds

Aurora Oak Graphic Design

Graphic Design by Aurora Oak @auroraOak

Aurora Oak Graphic Design

Photography by Julia @juju.bee