it takes a village

Muds Ceramics is a one woman shop in beautiful San Francisco.
As a small local business owner I often call on other local businesses to support me as I grow.

Here are some of my friends who have greatly impacted my business and who I recommend highly.

Aurora Oak Graphic Designn
Photography by Julia

Design by Aurora Oak

@auroraOak  |

Aurora Oak is a one woman graphic design super studio and emotional support witch. She walked me through the branding and design process and held my hand the whole way. We collaborated to create the stunning Sun/Moon Bowl/Earth logo. We wanted to create a symbol which represented the heart of Muds Ceramics, which is at one with the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. Aurora also supported me through the website building process and has been a huge asset in creating a cohesive brand across all web and print platforms.
You can get in touch with Aurora on her website and on instagram @auroraoak

Photography by Julia


Julia is a fantastic photographer residing in San Francisco. She has taken some stunning photos of the Muds studio which you’ll see sprinkled around the website. She’s a delight to work with and creates stunning results, but she only does it part time so you’ll need to spark her interest ;)
You can get in touch with Julia on instagram @juju.bee